The 9’2” is the smallest board in our iSUP range and now comes with 190 litres of volume. For 2016 we kept the same 30” width but increased the thickness to 5” for added stability. It’s short and narrow design will have you shredding through the waves with ease.

Ideal for all the kids and lightweight riders out there.

The 9’7” is the next size up in our IQ SURF collection and has been increased from 200 litres of volume to 215 litres for 2016. The extra volume and width will help all riders with catching those waves that little bit easier. The 9’7” is also a much more stable option, particularly for the slightly heavier or inexperienced SUPer.

An ideal board for all kids and medium weight riders out there wanting to catch a few waves. 

The 10’1” is now the largest board in the IQ SURF collection and comes with 240 litres in volume. This is an ideal board for the heavier rider who likes to play in the surf.

Includes fins, pump, repair set and bag



  • Thruster fin set up
  • Secure ‘lock in’ inflation valve
  • Moulded fin technology
  • Double layered rails to maximise stiffness
  • EVA pad on deck
  • Soft handle for convenient board carrying
  • Heavy duty leash attachment on nose and tail
  • Tall high pressure pump designed for ease of use
  • Comfortable heavy duty backpack with pockets for extra storage options
  • Easy to use repair set
  • On deck rope storage system


2016v-sup-IQ-construction IQ CONSTRUCTION

  1. Outside Seamtape 1000D
  2. Supported Fabric 1000D
  3. 2nd Layer Sheet
  4. 1st Layer Sheet
  5. Base Fabric 410D
  6. Siderail 1000D
  7. Space Yarn 410D