IQ Free

New for 2016 is the 10’5” board with 260 litres of volume.

Adding this smaller size is gives the perfect transition from the IQ SURF range to the IQ FLOW range making it easier to match up the perfect board for any rider.

The FREE range are highly versatile performance boards. The 275 litres and 34” width provides great stability whilst maintaining incredible stiffness with the IQ’s double layered design. The 10’7” has an increased volume with an extra 15 litres for 2016 and is a fantastic board optimised for longboard wave riding with the added comfort of extra volume and stability.

The largest in the IQ FREE range is the 11’1” and comes with 330 litres of volume. For the 11’1” we maintained the thickness of 6” ensuring the maximum stability. The 11’1” is the perfect board for heavyweight riders who want a high performance board.

With the large surface area and volume it also makes the perfect practical board for first timers. This large IQ FREE is the closest you can get to a touring board whilst still maintaining its all round abilities in waves and stability. A great all round board for beginners and heavyweight riders.

Includes fins, pump, repair set and bag



  • Thruster fin set up
  • Secure ‘lock in’ inflation valve
  • Moulded fin technology (10’5”, 10’7”)
  • Slide in and lock fin technology (10’9”, 11’1”)
  • Double layered rails to maximise stiffness
  • EVA pad on deck
  • Soft handle for convenient board carrying
  • Heavy duty leash attachment on nose and tail
  • Tall high pressure pump designed for ease of use
  • Comfortable heavy duty backpack with pockets for extra storage options
  • Easy to use repair set
  • On deck rope storage system


2016v-sup-IQ-construction IQ CONSTRUCTION

  1. Outside Seamtape 1000D
  2. Supported Fabric 1000D
  3. 2nd Layer Sheet
  4. 1st Layer Sheet
  5. Base Fabric 410D
  6. Siderail 1000D
  7. Space Yarn 410D